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Dictionary: bespoke (pro: b-spoke)

1. adjective British. (of goods/product) made to individual order; custom-made, tailored




Since 1989, third generation garage door specialist and Managing Director Brett Ross, has been actively transforming the street appeal of garage doors and gates through design, innovation and research. Bespoke Garage Doors and Gates is the continuation of this experience.

At Bespoke, we recognise the true value of appropriate design, high quality finishes and operational longevity through our various door and gate systems. Attention to detail has allowed us the privilege of working on many and varied projects in the domestic and commercial areas of the building industry.

We thank our valued clients for allowing us to be involved in their construction projects and invite you to view a sample of our previous work, shown in our galleries. All images you will view on this site have involved our Managing Director personally.

Your garage doors can equate to more than half of your house frontage… we ask you to consider this.

We spend thousands of dollars on our internal fixtures, furnishings and finishes which only we and our guests will ever see or appreciate. Your garage door is seen by everyone who enters your street or visits your property. For this reason, we at Bespoke invite open consultation so that consideration be made to provide the garage door that offers the right overall aesthetic appeal for your property. This will not only provide personal enjoyment, but contribute to resale value.

At Bespoke, we don’t preach customer service… we practice it.

As a business, we take the responsibility of customer service very seriously. We interact heavily with our customers during the design, construction and installation process and it is our responsibility as professionals to provide customer service at not just point of sale, but in the years to come.

We judge ourselves on the value of our referral base ensuring that we ask of ourselves as the supplier, what we would ask of others as the consumer.

Consider being Bespoke.

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